Establishing Effective Virtual Board Communication

As the coronavirus virus begins to take its toll, non-profit boards will have to work harder to build community support and work together. In addition, with the majority of board members working at a distance due to social distancing suggestions, establishing effective virtual board communication is crucial.

The asynchronous nature of virtual meetings makes it difficult to establish board member engagement It is therefore crucial for meeting organizers to establish the structure of meetings that encourages interaction. Virtual boardroom software with built-in features for instant messaging, document storage, and conferencing is one way to accomplish this.

It is important to send all relevant documents to the participants prior to the meeting in the event that a meeting is held in a virtual space. This will ensure that everyone is viewing the exact document and will prevent confusion during the meeting. It is also recommended to choose an application that is safe and reliable. Free video conferencing software for instance, might not be as secure as paid ones that come with more advanced security features, such as password protection and encryption.

Another way to improve productivity of virtual meetings is to set expectations at the beginning of each meeting and make sure that the attendees are aware of proper communication etiquette. Meeting organizers should regularly check in with attendees who are not in the room to see if they have any questions or concerns.


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