How to Write a Business Acquisition Plan

The business world is filled with risks and opportunities, and a well-planned business acquisition plan is a must for anyone looking to make an investment that is risky, such as buying another company. The document is an outline of how to make the deal successful and offers a clear path to get your business from where it is now to where it will be after the purchase.

The first part of the article outlines why you are making the purchase and how it fits to your overall business plan. You should also outline the advantages of purchasing this particular company and how you hope it to boost your profits. The next section details the financial impact of the transaction. This includes a breakdown of current sales, EBITDA (Earnings Before Taxes Depreciation Amortisation) and debt, including personal financial guarantees, hire/lease agreements business forecasts and plans, and budgets.

A brief description of the target company and its management team is provided in this section. This will help you determine if the company is a good fit, and could be helpful in creating your negotiating position.

The final section will outline the targets and action items you need to meet in order to get the business. These must be specific and quantifiable. You might, for example setting a goal of find 10 possible acquisitions within the next quarter. This will let you measure your progress throughout the project, and ensure that you stay in the right direction for a successful business acquisition.


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